The exclusive made in Italy sign

In the breeding ground of Under.Sign by Marco Brunetti, designer from Padova, innovation meets the great artisan tradition

Stil'è - december 2020

Does a meeting point exist between artisanship and technology? Marco Brunetti turns this combination into the basis for his Under.Sign, a continuously evolving project that represents a reference point for creativity in the eyewear and jewellery sectors. The designer from Padova, relying on a twenty-year long experience for such brands as Dolce & Gabbana, De Rigo, Mistral, Luxottica and Safilo, provides companies with creative projects and advice on research and development. “Complementing new technologies with artisan manual ability, Brunetti says, we can manufacture quality and beautiful objects that last over time, innovative products testifying Italian excellence in the world”. From Brunetti’s creativity, and through the experience of artisan masters, glasses and jewels take shape, objects able to bestow an identity style to those wearing them. Functionality, aesthetics, uniqueness are the standards of design for a continuously evolving company: “With digitalization, Brunetti continues that, along with his creative and advisory activity is also committed to training young talents, designers are asked to combine know-hows other than theirs”. At the centre of this new planning, the artisan experience, enriched by digital technology, allows to simplify the production process, leaving to the manual ability an attention paid to details able to give a further value to the designer’s artistic creativity. Under the sign of Brunetti beautiful and exclusive items are created, increasingly more requested also abroad, with a strong personality, but, at the same time, based on the essentiality and the respect of the available resources. “In this difficult phase of transition, the designer from Padova concludes, new values emerge linked to men’s centralness, their idea and ability to create. Digitalization helps this integration process, not only reducing the gap between technology and artisan ability, but letting the clients participate to the whole creation process of their item”. This is the philosophy behind Under.Sign: a breeding ground of innovation, where ideas take shape combining a modern creativity with the great made in Italy artisan tradition.