Future values? Artisan “know-how”

Modern design according to the vision of Under.Sign

Platinum - july 2020

An entrepreneurial project born in 2011 from the talent and experience under continuous refinement of Marco Brunetti. It is called Under.Sign and it is a path that embraces the world of beauty in sectors such as fashion, jewellery, eyewear and bijoux. Under.Sign provides design and consultancy services to manufacturing companies, as well as research and development. “Our philosophy is to produce quality and beauty that lasts over time - explains Brunetti - to add value to craftsmanship, supporting handmade work with new technologies, obtaining innovative products that tell the story of Italian excellence”. The Padova-based company strives to create objects that are of service to people, able to say something about the person wearing or using them. In the nine years of activity on the market, the company has strengthened its relations with a number of historic brands on the Italian scene and has grown and diversified its customer portfolio. This has translated into the hiring of young talents and supporting new enterprises for the launch of new brands. As regards the future of design, Brunetti has a clear vision: “Design is functional to the needs of society, which are changing rapidly. The pandemic has certainly accelerated this process, for example by encouraging digitalization, the potential of which can no longer be ignored by creatives or companies, much less by consumers. Therefore, the permeability between the physical and digital will rise and designers will increasingly integrate knowledge of various types. The focal point of design will go back to be the value-based aspects of the objects, such as artisan ‘know-how’ and the ability to satisfy the primary needs of man while respecting the resources that are available. As for Under.Sign, there is the desire to create a new studio, not only a design office but also a workshop of in-house craftsmanship, such that the customer participates in the whole creation cycle of their object”.