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About Me



Designer Freelance
Rhinoceros Teacher (ART)
Teacher of Digital Fashion Design
Teacher of Design Gioelleria ed Accessori


I am a designer

I have worked in this field for fourteen years, concentrating on fashion accessories, for example eyewear, watches and jewellery.

The design of eyewear has been my main activity for several years, but my constant collaboration with fashion houses and production companies has enabled me to design also watches, jewellery etc. In complete contrast, I have also designed mental-activation games for dogs, an ice-cream scoop, etc.

This experience has taught me to use lateral thinking, producing an eclectic mix of apparently diverse sectors, enabling me to find new design solutions to the products I am working on.

Before becoming exclusively a designer, I worked as a maker of prototypes, as a technician and as head of a technical office, all in the sector of eyewear manufacture. Thanks to my continued collaboration with various producers, I have continuously added to my cache of skills, which enable me to keep abreast of the latest technical innovations which are always evolving ever more rapidly..

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in every production sector: in fashion houses, with licensed manufactures, with the retailers and with the companies that provide the raw materials. I can use this production and design knowledge I can use when I am designing new product, thus I can design aesthetically beautiful object, but ones which are designed by someone who understands the manufacturing process.

I am a teacher

Together with my activity as a designer I have taught the following course at Istituti Vicenza:

  • • 3D graphics using Rhinoceros. I am an "ART" (Autorized Rhino Trainer).
  • • Digital Fashion Design.
  • • Jewellery and Accessories Design